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Embark on the road to empowered well-being.

Unveil the Future of Your Health
with Sagitta Genomics

Welcome to a new era of personalized healthcare, where you hold the key to a longer, healthier life. Sagitta Genomics empowers you with our proprietary Precision Prevention and Longevity program, a revolutionary approach to health and well-being designed to transform your health journey.

Formulated by the leading minds in genomics, our program brings a new dimension to health management that goes beyond annual physicals and periodic diagnostic screenings. Move toward precision prevention and confidently take charge of your health.

Your Path to Empowerment Begins Here.

With Sagitta on your side, you’ll build a roadmap toward a longer, healthier life.


Gain New Insights with Your Genetic Physical

Elevate your well-being through genetic testing that comes to life. Dive into the depths of your genetic profile with our state of-the-art curated and proprietary Genetic PhysicalTM. Gain powerful insights into your genetic makeup, empowering you to make informed medical and lifestyle choices now and throughout your life.

Crafting Your Unique Action Plan

Wellness is a journey, and we’re here to map it out. Our skilled genetic counselors and care team tailor a preventive action plan just for you. Step by step, year after year, you’ll build a stronger, healthier life.

Guidance Beyond

Your dedicated genetic counselor is your partner who helps unravels the mysteries and provides valuable insight gained from your results. Empower yourself with knowledge, ask questions, and confidently take charge of your health.

Tomorrow’s Insights,

Stay ahead with advanced diagnostic testing that goes beyond genetic insight. As AI-powered diagnostics continue to emerge and evolve, you’ll receive ongoing insights into your physiology, ensuring you’re always equipped with knowledge of where you stand and well positioned to make informed decisions that impact your life.


Discover Sagitta Genomics

We’re not just a company – We are your partners in well-being. We unite genomic sciences and specialty medical diagnostic services, actionable information, and personalized guidance into an integrated solution for individuals.

Our mission is simple: To make genomic testing and advanced AI-driven medical diagnostics accessible, understandable, and actionable. We aim to help you prevent disease, detect it early, and optimize treatment options to promote longer, healthier, lives.

Setting a New Standard

Sagitta’s Genetic Physical™ is a revolutionary approach to healthcare, developed in concert with pioneers in genomic sciences. Our Genetic Physical™ expands far beyond the traditional annual health physical and standard diagnostic tests. This curated genetic screening provides highly personalized insight into your genetic risk and overall health and well-being.

Uncover genetic risk identification for health issues such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, migraine, Alzheimer’s, auto-immune, GI, metabolic disorders, and many others.

Your Genetic Physical:

Locates genetic variants that could potentially cause diseases, or hereditary risk.
Starts with prevention for risk factors to known genetic changes .

Knowing your risk factors early can improve overall well-being and healthspan.

Health’s a Journey

Let us be your guide.


Personalized Genetic Testing

Experience our proprietary Genetic Physical to unlock valuable health insights.


Guidance You Can

Let our seasoned genetic counselors guide you through the testing results to ensure you understand the outcomes and reporting.


Take Action With Confidence

Personal action plans will help guide your healthcare decisions and allow meaningful discussions with your healthcare professionals.


Optimize Your

Year over year, get access to additional advanced diagnostic screenings, and gain new insights into your genetic makeup.


Get Smarter About

Access Sagitta’s Learning Center to heighten your understanding of genetics, your results and for curated, easy to digest scientific information.


Seize Your Competitive Edge: The Sagitta Advantage

Sagitta Genomics is your secret weapon in the competitive business landscape. Our Genetic Physical™ program offers benefits that extend far beyond traditional wellness. By offering it as an innovative employee benefit, you can attract top talent, strengthen your competitive advantage, and align your business with a forward-thinking vision. Empower your team and stay at the forefront of well-being and success.

Seize Your Competitive Edge by Exploring the Sagitta Advantage –


Forge a brighter, healthier path with Sagitta Genomics.
Embrace the power of genetics guided by professionals who understand your journey. Don’t leave your well-being to chance – take control with us.

Embrace Your Healthier Future


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